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Oh! Still waiting.....
Sunday, March 6, 2011 @ 1:47 AM

This entry, doesnt relate with the title at all. Saja nak letak poyo poyo waiting. Im waiting for 'something' actually. But oh, no need to know, btw.

Oh, its 1:27 am. Im not sleepy yet! My god, gila rajin on pagi buta gini. *Oh, i forgot. Almost everyday I was like this. Who cares, kan? Well, busy reading tounge twister. Singing all the time just to wait for rain? No, just kidding.

So, nothing I can do. Online, and thats all. Siapa je nak chat dengan aku pagi pagi macam ni? Tunggu lah orang gila sesat. 14 people online, feels like 0. Er, 

I've a new favourite song. Aww, thanks abg mir. One In A Million, sang by Ne-yo, obviously. But pretty much like it more when Nana and Emily sing it. Try to hear it =) Lazy to copy and paste the code here. Lazy mode, will always be here with me =)

Oh, tomorrow is Sunday right? Chillex all the time~ Tidur pukul 6 oso can. If I wanna die today -.-' Kayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Wawa will move to Ulu Yam. Entah bila but i dont care~ Dia tak pindah sekolah pung, kan wawa? Zz,

(kalau benci kata benci) Oh, listening tu Safura's now. Peh, layan jiwang. Tak, my sis ask me to open that song. Kalau tak, takda masa nak type dalam kotak youtube tu "Jangan Menangis Sayang" Tak layan. How cruel am I =) Lagu lama, listening to Ramlah Ram's je. Kan, kak farah? Cikgu BM tu yang ajar saya lagu ramlah ram ni dlu. Sampai sekarang, still suka.

Diam diam jatuh cinta?

Selamat Tinggal Romeo?

Aww, One In A Million lagi best HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Guys, read this;

I'm a sheet slitter.
I slit sheets.
I'm the sleekest sheet slitter
that ever slit sheets.

If you read that with never fail, at all. Even once, i give you a spring. Lol, kidding. Aku tabik spring, I mean B| What is, Tabik Spring in english? Honestly, idontknow. Loser, ni pun broken english. Nvm kan, I try :P

Btw, sorry to all of my friends bout today, yesterday, and Wednesday because ............................................. more dots make you suspens. Zz, no need to knw why. Wawa, Nuha, Syirah. Kau diam haha. Korang je yang tahu. And everybody yang hantar msg tu why ............................. haha, :P

Not in the mood weh. 




Oh, wanna share something. I got this from Its an older post in ohtidak but still, wanna share with you here :)

Sediakan torchlight dan duit RM1 warna biru lawa menggoda tu bersama anda, ye. Taknak duit lain. Seringgit jugak! Siapa takda seringgit tu, er. Aku taktau nak kata apa, dah sah kau dari planet lain. 

Kay, selok belok with the point. Use your torchlight and point it to the eyes of Agung (yang dalam rm1 tu) Left eye. And ada bayang bayang skit kan? Tengok dekat sikit, and you will see a triangle shape. Kan?

Cuba tengok betul betul. Sure it was. Sebab aku tengok pun ada. *seram.

It was the sign of Illuminati. Aku bukannya terror sangat pasal Illuminati ni. Cuma amik dari je. Bila baca pasal Illuminati ni seram jugak. Go and search it on google. Kebanyakan pasal Lady Gaga. Most of em lah. Siti Nurhaliza pun ada. Maybe tak faham if baca post ni je, my festaim talk bout Illuminati here. Pergi search sekarang, baru faham apa yang aku maksudkan ni.

Well, shape triangle and an eye in it, lambang Illuminati, obviously. Agak ah, baru tahu dalam RM1 adaaaaa! Kay, bukak link ni lah ye.

Er, um, I repeat the quest. Suratan? Atau, kebetulan? Hm,