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Double You.
Sunday, June 26, 2011 @ 5:23 PM

This entry doesnt relate with Kak Wani at all eh xD 

Hmm, Double You? Well ok, im talking about those who are typing with the alphabet W at the back. Bahasa comel, bahasa rempit or even bahasa eew. Theres alot of names can we give for this kind of spelling. 

Camting laik dis HiK hIk ItEw BoWiNk. Like seriosuly, aku boleh mati kalau semua orng dalam dunia type macam tu. Eh, didnt learn how to spell the words correctly? Or your teacher did teach you like that?

An example of what im talking about kahkahkah. I've cut off the name so takde lah buzzzz HAHA kau faham je la. With the ♥ also can. Readers, ikut aku kira berapa love ada di situ.

Hmm, i got 49. Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan x)

Well, aku bukannya nak kutuk ke hape. But this is reality. Korang please, stop using this kind of spelling. Aku menyampah. Lagi lagi bila ada orng yang aku dah approve dekat facebook lepastu

"thxx app.."

Er, hmm. Thats okay tapi 

"Hye, awakrz ngah wt perw ?"

Zzzzz, aku takkan reply "Haha type elok sikit lah brader"

Mcm sadis gila type mcam tu nnti dorng terasa kan, usually aku akan macam ni

"Tk wt paperw pown~"

Haha, sewiouss owh :'>

Okay ciaoooo wanna eat. xx