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Judge me? :>
Thursday, July 14, 2011 @ 4:44 PM

You know what? Who are you to judge me? You have not been in my shoes, so you don't know hows it like to be living my life. I admit, i changed. But that does not give you the right to talk bad about me. Flashback, you changed FIRST. So don't you open your yap and babble on how I'm not the old me. People change, and so do i. This situation is gonna make me stronger. In fact, its gonna make everybody who faced it stronger. So keep your yap shut and mind your own business.

And you, who are you to control me? Its my life, let me live it. Thanks. Do you know what are you supposed to do? Do you know what ALL of you are supposed to do? You guys can only advise me, tell me what to do. BUT, its up to me to follow it. You have no rights to force me in any way. No matter who you are. Bestfriends of mine? Or ex bestfriends of mine? I'm standing up, even if it means standing alone. You can bring your people, your posse and go against me but all i can do is smile. Your efforts are worthless because it will never bring me down. Insya'Allah. All I want you to know is, you win. You already win. What else did you wanted from me? You're the boss now. I can't do anything. But remember, it will never bring me down. Never.

You're the reason why I keep crying in the inside and smiling at the outside ;)