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Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 4:59 PM


Ive nothing to do since the first day of holiday. Till this Sunday. Like hmm, wht can i do. Just wakeup from bed, online, eat, watching tv, sleep. And thats all. What a boring weekend -___-

Oh ya, i forgot to put playing piano lewl. 

Should be very great if i can play like him. One day.... who knew? xP

And guess what. The video been posted since 2007 but i still love it till now. Furthermore the comments.... "6 days ago" lewl popular much. But still can't beat jb xP *pfth, i hate jb okay!* Confusing, how justin can be tht popular? I mean like... hes so very popular. Very.

Wht did u use, jb? XD

Hmmm. I didnt go anywhere. Stay at home, repeating the same routines everyday over and over again. Its suck x( I wanted to go to sunway lagoon which my school make a lawatan there. Heh. Its just a dream, afiqah. Seriously.

Theres nothing can i tell u or story telling here more cuz, i do nothing in my house and yet im going nowhere. This saturday maybeeeee, going to my cousin's house and ive planned to sleep there. Heh, hows school .____. And the piano class .___. The fee was very expensive. Its a waste if i skip the class but the fee's not been cut ._________. cut? >__<


Okay okay im going to speak in BM im sorry *broken english ehemzz*

Aku nak update blog lagi satu alamak ai. Bai.