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Thursday, October 31, 2013 @ 1:49 PM



I dont know from where should I start! It has been berapa bulan tah? since I last updated my blog. Why? Obviously, I was sad to know that he's married, so that is one of the reason why I didnt update my blog. Aiceh! JK. The actual reason is, MALAS.

I'm lazier to update abt 10 things in a post so thats why im here! Tu pun ada dalam 4 berita (kot) (aku pun tak kira) Kita tengok je. Aku nak tulis nanti baru ingat nak cerita pasal apa.

Firstly, i am now a granny!!!!! Ok not a granny, that's too much. Mak sedara kot hahaha? Since OB panggil aku kakak so anak dia tu anak buah aku so aku ni mak sedara anak OB? Ah, whatever. 

Yeap, OB gave birth on September 8th haritu.


She didnt make any sound pun. Tetibe rasa macam dikejut orang, terus bangun dan didapati 3 ekor anak kucing depan mata. Terkejut kau. Baru bangun tidur dah la mamai, aku ingat tikus. Terkejut gila. Alhamdulillah.

Pukul 7 something, dia lahirkan lagi. In front of my eyes. Dalam almari pulak tu. Sempat rakam. Comel sangat. Sekarang ni Alhamdulillah semua baby kittens sihat. And dah boleh bukak mata pun! OB pun baru vaccine, tunggu dah habis menyusu anak anak terus nak spay. 

Nama kittens, Coco, Fros, Casper & Oreo. Nanti ada gambar.

Second, abang Faiz dah fly pergi Ireland 2 minggu lepas. Congrats abang Faiz and may everythings going to be well until you'll come back to Malaysia, soon. Sedih sebenarnya bila ingat balik. Off the topic lah. Hahahahahahaha. 

Third, Frangipani, Noddy & OB dah masuk satu tahun dua hari lepas. I couldnt believe that. Theyve grown so fast in front of my eyes. Dulu ketot. Sekarang gemok. Dulu kurus. Sekarang dah ada anak. Aiseh. Celebrate bday dorang dengan Royal Canine. Dengan Alisa sekali. Pelahap sungguh makan. Bukan selalu kakak nak beli gini kah kah kah.

Fourth, semalam try nak buat caramel tapi it ended up jadi telur yang tak masak langsung. Jangan tanya. Memang caramel yang langsung tak jadi. Sedih sangat. Maybe i'll just need to stick with cooking maggie je. 

Fifth, Kamel's bro passed away haritu. Tak ingat tarikh tepat tapi maybe around last month. Al-fatihah.

Sixth, kakak bought a new phone (iPhone 5) which she has been dying for quite some time, aku kat sini cuma mampu conquer telefon dia je. Siblings semua pakai iPhone leaving me stuck with BlackBerry. Tsk. 

Seventh, order buku Lumos haritu kat satu tempat Handmade Notebook ni and it turned out great just how we want it to be. We share our secrets in there and probably release our tension a bit, by telling our secrets to each other. Like how ppl usually write in their diary or something. That's ours. I love the book.

Eighth, I stopped Violin Class bc of the teacher. She's too annoying. And because I was too lazy to practise it so... yeah.

Ninth, I went to HUKM last Monday (i guess) and we've confirmed, inshaAllah, I'll go for my surgery on February 11th 2014. And if theres any date earlier than that, the doc will inform. Guess im ready. I didnt chose this to happen but then again, I tried my best. And everything just didnt work out. I am tired. And hoping everyone to understand. I had enough. Let Allah plan the rest. I know He knows best for me, bc He knows what I dont.

Ada orang kata,

Kalau buat satu keputusan and bila fikir pasal benda tu buat hati jadi lapang and tenang, mungkin tu satu keputusan yang baik. InshaAllah.


Tenth, I adopt a new cat which I rescued kat kampung. She lost her mom and keep running towards me. Pastuh ibu terus suruh bawak balik. I named her Foundy. And yeap, she joined us celebrate my babies' bday jugak haritu.

Eleventh, (BUT THIS ENTRY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BELOW TO 10 THINGS TO TELL) I nearly forgot to share abt how my Raya went. It was good, but less meriah than how it was before. I miss 2005, (refer to a pic ibu kept) where all of our cousins were there. I counted and if I wasnt mistaken my families got about 13 - 19 family members and this year's Raya there were probably only like 7 - 9 families. Not a big family though and they came on the third raya WHICH IS ON FIRST AND SECOND RAYA was damnly bored but bc of there were lots of food and got quite a lot duit raya the boredness doesnt been THAT BORED. 

Because as soon as we (the kids) (am i a kid too????????) (well maybe bc im cute) dapat duit raya we ran to any rooms yang got no ppl in there, ada 6 rooms kat kampung, to count our money. And lawan siapa lagi banyak. LOL. So pathetic, yeap we are.


Twelfth, I, since last month, I collect my money to buy a 5s. I didnt eat at school, I search for coins everywhere. Macam orang gila, peluh sebab cari duit syiling. I'm out of my mind, can tell. Because of the damn iPhone 5s. Lol.

So before, the @MalaysianiPhone tweeted the price, he said it'll be RM2200, lepas iPhone 5s keluar Malaysia nanti. Perhaps, on December. After I knew the price would be 2200 lah aku kumpul. I thought it was good and reasonable aaaand standard Apple kot handphone harga macam tu. KOT. Cis.

But then after I reached RM700, he tweeted again saying it was freaking RM3000 kat LowYatt at the moment. I cried. I threw all of my money away. I...gave up.

Was thinking to sell my Violin & BlackBerry. But then I asked myself, am I really doing this?

Selling two things I love, collect coins and money selagi boleh just to buy a phone?

A phone?


I advised myself not to give up balik, should finish what I started AND this thing needs to be worth it because I did not eat at school for this ok I tried my hardest to get it.

And on top of that, I'll make sure I get the gold one. I guess it's going to be quite hard sebab semua suka gold, kat luar negara semua sold out yang gold and lots of ppl were frustated that they have to buy the black one. I'll wait if dia sold out kah kah kah.

Sebab kena lah beli benda yang aku betul betul puas hati kan.

Susah payah haku, sekali dapat bukan 100% yang aku nak. Lol.

Ok, aku rasa sampai sini je. Thank you (haha) Salamualaik.


4 berita la sangat.

Ingat nak include gambar sekali banyak-banyak. In 2 or 3 days I'll re update this entry & letak gambar. Sebab kalau nak letak gambar sekarang tak boleh, satgi memang tak update terus. Muahaha.

Who cares anyway XD